Cold Soba Bentos (#50)



You know the drill…bento 50-2 edit

In Nick’s bento: (top) sliced apples, carrot sticks and yellow bell pepper sticks, teeny cup of ranch dressing; (bottom) tamagoyaki, shredded chicken, green onions, cold soba noodles, a small amount of nori sticks (since he’s not as fond of it as I am), a teeny bottle of soy sauce, and-in the white lidded container-dashi stock.

bento 50-1 edit

In my bento: (left)whole kiwi sliced, yellow bell pepper sticks, carrot sticks, apples slices, teeny cup of ranch; (right) tamagoyaki, extra green onions for me, extra nori sticks for me, cold soba noodles, and of course dashi stock in the square container.

It took me FOREVER to get these put together. Nothing was particularly difficult to make, just reheating frozen raw soba, and making tamagoyaki, and slicing veggies and fruits. I just couldn’t decide what bento boxes would work best for everything. I ended up adding extra veggies for both of us to take up space. Doesn’t hurt to have that extra fiber though!

I originally saw a bento on this blog that was similar. I didn’t take the time to roll the noodles into little bunches that are easy to pick up with chopsticks. Mostly because reheated frozen soba makes it a teeny bit mushy but tomorrow adding the onions, nori, and then the dashi stock on top will loosen everything up and the flavors meld better that way anyway. I plan on eating the tamagoyaki first then mixing it all in the tier after.

Also, I did give Nick his Valentine’s Day card tonight. Take a look…

bento 001

I had to look up the 8-bit heart design online then painstakingly draw the thing out but it was so worth it. He liked it a lot! I was glad I found something nerdy and Valentine’s day affiliated. I may not have worded it right but the message comes across just the same. I’m so excited for the awesome dinner we’re going to have that night!!! -laurel

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